Pacquiao Fight: Location Still Undecided For Probable Pacquiao And Marquez Bout

It appears as if every time Floyd Mayweather Jr. resurfaces in the media, it's to belittle or bash Manny Pacquiao. Over the weekend, Floyd Mayweather Jr .. appeared on an ESPN radio show to talk about his latest gambling exploits and Manny Pacquiao. On Monday, Fight Sports Examiner confirmed through ESPN representative the following comments from Floyd Mayweather Jr. to ESPN Chicago.

Marquez Wants Manny Pacquiao To Meet Him At 143 Pounds For 'Trilogy' Fight


The biggest question in Boxing at the moment is "who will Manny Pacquiao fight upcoming?". Everyone in the boxing universe wish to see Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr square off in the heart of the ring to prove who's the pound for pound best lawn mowers of the sport and nobody deserves the honor of being called on of the greatest of all-time. Personally, Simply Manny Pacquiao is primary of all-time. However, end up being take a 1st round KO over Manny to convince me that Floyd Mayweather Jr is one of the greatest. Honestly, I don't even discover that happening inside my worst problems.

Then he was generous in a distinct way, immediately acquiescing when the awed, 23-year-old from GenSan asked him if he could have several time world champion's boxing robe to be a souvenior and health of their three round mismatch here Saturday night.

With Top Rank poobah Bob Arum standing over him Monday, Pacquiao did his best not in order to create any revelations of the type that ended in admonition for trainer Freddie Roach last week from the promoter. And, although he obviously isn't looking past his Dec. 6 welterweight match with De La Hoya, Pacquiao said he figures his next fight will attend 140 extra. That more or less confirms rumors that Pacquiao v. Ricky Hatton is often a coming attraction for 2009.

1c. Floyd Mayweather - He was the undisputed number 1 pound for pound boxer in massive until his brief stint with golden age. His return automatically warrants a top-notch spot, but the spot can't just be handed retrace to your puppy.

There are some, however, who say this fight is and not on equal rules. This relates to the proportions the fighters - Margarito is naturally bigger than Pacquiao, which struggled to achieve the catch-weight of 150 pounds.

Timothy Bradley, is an underrated boxer who needs to think of himself like a brawler as well as Manny Pacquiao huge puncher. While tom is honest really a puncher, he is doing so with authority, and possesses all for the subtleties to subdue the 40 year-old version of Marquez.

You might not be ready and take it on Manny Pacquiao yet, so scoping out an amateur fight is actually a way to start. Afterwards, talk to your trainer, and he/she is selected know of upcoming fights you can enter. Know yourself warned: the boxing bug is contagious. Once you start, you do not be can stop.

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